Mario’s computers?

Mario’s computers?, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Remember Mario’s pizza? It was without a doubt the worst pizza I’ve ever had in my life. It sits right across the street from Temperance Hall. Well, it thankfully closed and it looks like it has reopened as a computer store. I have to admit, though, the new signage does not exactly inspire one to purchase a new computer. This looks worse than a pawn shop. Damn it, Georgia Ave, needs some proper development.

On a happier note I do have to report that I had a drink at Temperance last night and it consistently delivers. The bartender, Scott, had phenomenal taste in music and there is such a good vibe going on. Next to Domku, Temperance Hall is by far the best addition Petworth has seen in my four years here.

Well, I’m getting hungry so I think I’ll go grab a slice of horrible pizza and perhaps pick up a 10 year old Dell computer…

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  • hillarious.
    I think George Costanza is the store’s manager, and Lloyd Braun was the sign designer.

    Do you want to buy a computer? No? Why not? That’s a good reason.

  • It’s funny. I thought the same thing. Then it hit me. I know the guy who started First Time Computers! It is not a computer store at all. It is non-profit organization started by an incredible man who is “retired”. Since I first heard about it I’ve been extremely proud that it is in my neighborhood. They refurbish donated computers and place them with low-income individuals that need computers. Check out their website. I think you’ll be proud to have them in Petworth.

  • Holy cow. I’m glad you mentioned that. Good luck to them!

  • hey Prince – come on by and see us. yes, we are a bit embarrassed by our signage on the outside, but we hum on the inside. we love Petworth.

    -Lowell Dodge, First Time Computers

  • Awesome! Glad to have you in the neighborhood Lowell! Do you take Macs as well as PCs?

  • Lowell –

    I assume you accept laptops as well?

  • ok, now I feel like crap for making fun.

    Good on you Lowell. I may even have a couple of computers for you.
    I’ll check out the website.

  • This is awesome, and a great idea–I’m going to drop off some computers if you do take laptops.

    now Petworthians–anyone out there know how to donate a nice sign so the beauty on the inside of this shop matches the beauty of the outside?

  • prince you have only lived in petworth for 4 years but yet your talking like you’ve lived here all your life…..just shut the fuck up…stop taking pics of people’s houses….stop exploiting stores…and please dont ever mention that gay ass bar across the street from the computer store…i’m anonymous but i’ll be back to here wat u have to say

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