Introducing Mr. Douglass Sloan candidate for Ward 4 City Council

I met with candidate Douglass Sloan last week at Domku. Straight off the bat he said “I may not have all the answers but I know where to get them.” He explained that he had been on a listening tour in Ward 4 of which we will get into more detail later.


Sloan went to St. John’s Military High School and is a “homegrown” Washingtonian. He grew up in Shepherd Park but technically it was in Colonial Village. Interesting note: he grew up around the corner from candidate Michael Brown. After attending St. Joseph’s college in Philadelphia for a few years he came back to DC and got a degree in Political Science from American University. Currently he lives in Lamont Riggs and he is a former vice chair of ANC 4A. He recieved an early introduction to local politics as both his mother and father were also ANC commisioners. Sloan has previously worked on local campaigns such as Bill Lightfoot’s and Harold Brazil’s. He also worked on Mayor’s Fenty first race for Ward 4 council. He was also Ward 4 outreach coordinator for former Mayor Williams. Currently he owns a small public relations firm for such clients as Safeway and CVS. On the side he has founded a Political Action Committee (PAC) three years ago that seeks to get out the healthy eating/healthy living message.

“I have always been involved and I’ve always wanted to help people who need help,” said Sloan.

Public Education

Sloan does not support Mayor Fenty’s plan. “The mayor doesn’t address boosting student performance, just governance and that is not the problem,” explained Sloan. Sloan told me that certain schools in the city excel at testing and certains schools fare less well and that is not a governance issue. He went on “the issue we need to focus on is parental involvement.” Sloan has a lot of faith in Dr. Janney and Robert Bobb and their master education plan. Together, Sloan feels, they can implement the master education plan.

Sloan also told me that we need to help the kids that fall through the cracks. He believes that adult education centers for vocational training can help address that problem. He cited a few examples of how well plumbers do financially.

Public Safety/Crime

Sloan expained to me that during his listening tour he spoke with a retired Detective from MPD and a ten year officer and they are all for community policing where officers walk the beat. They told him that “nothing beats it.” Sloan said that Chief Lanier does have more officers on the beat but they are in cars and they need to be walking the streets. Sloan was emphatic that “we need soldiers on the ground.”

Sloan does believe that crime cameras work and they can serve as a deterrent especially if the crime prone areas are well lit.


“Litter is huge”, said Sloan, “I embrass the environment and green space.” He said that it would be one of his top priorities if elected. He would like to see police enforce litter laws to help combat the problem. He also would like to see officers writing tickets for illegal dumping. “Everyone should have the right to live in a clean environment”, Sloan summed up.

Old Soldiers Home

Sloan would like to see the community drive development at the Old Soldiers Home. He also would like to see affordable housing and preservation of green space. “We want economic development consistent with existing community development”, said Sloan.

Georgia Avenue Development

Sloan explained that Georgia Avenue currently lacks curb appeal. In order to properly build it up, it first requires building up the side streets such as Upshur Street. Sloan further explained that you need space for people to talk and walk”, said Sloan. He continued “this can be a problem on Georgia Avenue where there are a lot of single family homes close to the side walk which also may make parking difficult. If you build the side street first then you will be able to build up Georgia Ave. Sloan believes that the government should be more proactive in reaching out to local businesses, perhaps providing tax incentives. He believes that the government should also make it easier for businesses to set up shop and establish themselves. “We need to reach out to business owners and developer and make sure that they are aware of all the programs available to them,” said Sloan.

Central Mission Homeless Shelter

If it is going to move to Georgia Ave, we need to make sure it is the best possible homeless shelter, said Sloan. He believes it shouldn’t just be a place to sleep but should also offer drug rehabilitation and vocational training. When pressed if he would support the move, he replied that he would rather see it somewhere else but if it has to move then we’ll just have to make it the best homeless shelter in the city.


Sloan believes that Mayor Fenty supporting a particular candidate is “undermining the very foundation of our democracy.”

For fun

Sloan is reading the Citywide comprehensive plan. The last novel he read was the Divinci Code.

Last great movie he saw was The Departed.

Last CD he bought was Jay Z but also listens to Coltrane, other Jazz, and old school like the Parliament Funkadelics.

In Sum

I liked Douglass Sloan very much. He seemed like he could be a friend of mine. He was a very nice guy and enjoyed a Jever beer during our interview. I was very impressed by all he learned during his listening tour. He was a very affable candidate who seemed to genuinely care about the community. My only concern was that I felt that he might be pandering to me a bit. Nevertheless, I would be very happy to have Douglass Sloan representing Ward 4 in the Council.

You can learn more at his website:

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  • Thanks, again, PoP for these snapshots of the candidates.

  • Well what do you know…one of Muriel Bowser’s own residents running against her….but she said that she is great! YEAH RIGHT. So now we have one of her own residents, another current anc commissioner on the same commission, 4 more residents within the anc that Muriel serves on….but don’t forget, she said she has GREAT resident service.

  • Sloan is not currently an ANC. He was in the past and served for 6 years but is not currently.

  • Why must all roads lead back to Muriel Bowser sucking? Maybe those other people just want the council seat and figured this was their one chance at winning it. Good grief.

  • In defense of anonymous (who can probably defend her/himself), I think the reference was to Sloan as a resident of 4B (although not of 4B09, which is Muriel’s SMD). The ANC commissioner referred to was Judi Jones, who is 4B07.

    Sloan was a commissioner in 4A, then apparently moved to 4B, where he ran and lost.

    As to the fact that several other residents of 4B are running, with only four ANCs in the Ward and 19 (20 with write-in) candidates, it is to be expected that there are several from each area.

  • In the interest of truthfulness, I would like to clear a few things up. I AM a resident of 4B-09 (I live right around the corner from Muriel Bowser). Although I did run for that ANC seat back in 2002 (not against Muriel), I felt compelled to withdraw from the race due to a conflict of interest with one of my clients (although my name remained on the ballot). I represented Safeway at the time and they were starting the application process for a liquor license at their location on Piney Branch Avenue. Judi Jones is the Commissioner that sits on ANC 4B that is also in the race. Finally, I represented ANC 4A-01 for six years, four of which I served as vice-chair. For any more info check out my website, or just shoot me an e-mail, I’m happy to respond. – Doug Sloan

  • Vague, why do you fill the need to defend Muriel everytime someone brings up a valid point! I stated that Doug Sloan was running and he is one of Muriel’s residents, he lives in her SMD….which shows that not everyone thinks that she does a good job as ANC…let alone to become the council person. So why do all roads lead to you being the savior for Muriel…I hope that you work in PR cause you need another outlet….damn!

  • Doug Sloan is a resident of 4B09 which is Muirel’s single member district….so much for being a good ANC if your own residents are running against you.

  • Doug,

    I apologize for my inaccuracies. I misread and misinterpreted an old election return.

    Minor correction — that’s Piney Branch Road. And, to match your disclosure, I have been fighting Safeway in that ongoing license battle. Small world!

    If anyone else is out there: To learn more about Doug Sloan, and other candidates, check out the online candidate debate at

  • I’m not defending her, I’m just like dayum, how is EVERYTHING EVERYONE does somehow end up being her fault? Someone else running for an office makes Muriel a pariah because they live in her district? By that reasoning no one would ever run against anyone else ever. What Rich said in the last graf of his statement sounds more plausible to me than the BS you threw out.

    Bottomline is this: you don’t have to like Muriel. You don’t have to vote for her either, and frankly, I’m not voting for her, but you, my friend, need some perspective.

  • Oops! Sorry. That last posting was from me.

  • Vague,

    I understand what you were trying to say, but what I am saying is that in her own words she has done everything and all is good in her neighborhood…NOT!

    My point being is that her own resident (Sloan)who lives around the corner from her would not be running (I guess) if things in their own neighborhood were all good.

    Her fellow ANC’s would be supporting her if they were sure she could do the job, but they are not, infact one of them is running against her, so Vague, I hear you but hear some of us who know that she just isn’t qualified, that’s all, nothing more, nothing less.

  • I think what I an reading here is that if she HAD done the great job “she” states then the support for her would be more closer to home, instead of from devlopers etc.
    My 2 cents it does seem strange that her own ANC is not supporting her, I have been to an event at one of the ANC Commissioners that sits on Muriels commission and this commissioner should be running with all the work she does, (Sara) she has a proven record. Id Doug lives that close he must have issue or have seem issues that Muriel is not fixing.

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