I’m really not that bad

So last night I went out looking for good Petworthians to profile because I hadn’t done a profile in a while. So I saw this nice couple at Temperance Hall. I asked them if they were familiar with PoP. And to my surprise the women said “yes, you are the one who carries a gun in his pocket.” I was shocked because she was referencing a really old post when the only people who read this blog were my mother and some crazy guy. For the record, I do not carry a gun. She got that idea from this post. Anyway, I assured her that I didn’t carry a gun. So I asked if I could do a profile of them but they declined saying they were shy. However, an interesting thing they did tell me was that they were both defense attorneys. Unfortunately, the woman left me with these parting words about my post “we wouldn’t defend you.”

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  • They’d defend a gun-toting murderer, but not someone who carried a weapon only to be used if necessary for self-defense? Is it me, or is that not twisted?

  • so what the hell was in your back pocket? a big dildo?

  • Ahh, defense attorneys.

  • You gotta answer anonymous #2; the suspense is killing me.

  • A billy club of course. Anon. #2’s self defense methods may not be so effective.

  • I’m picturing that club sticking out of your back pocket. Isn’t it a gift to some mugger coming up behind you?

  • Rich, I never said I was smart. Thankfully, I’ve been lucky…

  • You manage to write a smart blog, anyway. And you are commendably modest.

  • You are aware that Temperance is not actually IN Petworth, yes?

  • Anon. who said Temperance is not in Petworth. What exactly is your point?

  • The point: Temperance Hall (a very nice place that I like very much) is not in Petworth. It is not a given that people there will be Petworth residents.

    So, it’s a good place that some people from Petworth go to, but it’s in Park View and many people there are also from Park View and Columbia Heights (and some from even further away). Hence, profiling people hanging out there is profiling people from an unknown neighborhood hanging out in a bar in a not-Petworth neighborhood.

  • Regarding: Temperance not in Petworth. Thank you. Obviously I speak to the folks and if they said “hey we are from Missouri just visiting”, I would not post that. Park View pride, I like it a lot.

  • Actually, I’d be interested to know how folks visiting from Missouri ended up in the neighborhood! (OK, I know, they’d be visiting friends or family, but I would find it fascinating if we have started getting random tourist visits.)

  • According to Wikipedia, Park View extends as far west as Sherman, but Columbia Hts goes as far east as Georgia. So Temperance Hall is both in CH and in Park View.

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