I wish I used curse words on this blog

Upshur grafitti, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

The poor people at habitat for humanity have to put up with so much. They were one of the few businesses to move to Upshur St. and they are continually rewarded with grafitti. Insert a very long string of explicatives here. Let’s hope they catch this thug soon.

Incidentally, not using curse words is pretty funny because I curse all the time in real life. Yet I seem to have taken on a more polite blog personality. How bizarre.

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  • How about this. The fucking bastards that spray this uncreative, unintelligent shit all over our neighborhoods should be subject to the code of Hammurabi.

    I’ve seen MARV and MAGIC down here in CH. MARV was up on the back of the brand new Washington Dance Institute building on 14th and Monroe awhile back, though they got it off as soon as the weather warmed up.

    Use your fucking brains, dimwits. Paint a beautiful mural somewhere and display talents other than managing to sneak around in the dark and paint—wow!—a word on a wall.

    Your artistry is stunning.

  • Thank you Bill. That is exactly what I wanted to express. Perhaps even a little stronger…

  • And you got idiots like “ROB,” “INCA,” “NEHI,” etc. vandalizing whatever they can in Red Line territory…disgusting.

  • Just south of the GAve/P metro used to see a lot of “UG”. Had an across-the-street neighbor who just wouldn’t paint over a big “UG” on their alley garage door, which unfortunately faced out into the street, and therefore I saw it every time I walked out the front door. I hated it.

    I think some idiots see it as “freedom of expression”, and just like the morons that they are, they don’t realize that “freedom” doesn’t extend to criminal behavior.

    I always think of some skit from Kentucky Fried Movie or something like that where these guys vandalizing a wall and the wall automatically reacts and sprays paint back at them. Only if . . .

  • anon…i think that’s actually a scene from the Naked Gun, near the beginning at “The Police Station” where the scientist guy points out the window at the new “anti-grafitti” walls. Guys walk up, start spraying, get sprayed. Hilarity ensues.

    I can remember that, but I can’t remember the birthdays of anyone outside my 3 brothers, wife, and parents. Geez.

    As Calvin (and Hobbes) once said, “I’m not dumb, I just have a command of thoroughly useless information.”

  • How about asking Habitat for Humanity to look a little, well, more human? They are the only building on the stretch with a full complement of bars, almost no windows, and, of course, a nice broad wall of pink bricks. Maybe if it were less imposing, it would be a less attractive target for graffiti. Every time I pass Habitat for Humanity, the irony of their appearance makes me cringe.

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