Good news and bad news

Temperance back deck, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Unfortunately Temperance Hall doesn’t have HBO so they will not be able to show the Sopranos Sunday evening. The good news is that they have a phenomenal back deck that should be taken advantage of with this great weather we’ve been having.

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  • Still haven’t been all the way up there to Temperance Hall. Where exactly is it? Same for Domku. I have a hard time reminding myself I can go places other than Wonderland.

  • Temperance is on Georgia Ave. and Princeton well worth the journey. As is Domku on the 800 block of Upshur.

  • Oh, no! My husband and I just missed our 15 minutes of fame in this picture! We were at Temperence just before/after this picture was taken! We remember the guys with the mimosas and the kids in the foreground. We sat at the empty table to the right. Just as well, I was looking a little haggard anyway. You are a mysterious man, PoP and I will never leave the house without make-up again.

  • Anon. you’ll have plenty of other opportunities, I promise! Email me if you’d like to be a Petworthian of the week.

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