Get Ready to Rock Red Rocks Pizza

Red Rocks Pizza, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

You can see the pizza joint at 11th and Park is coming along very nicely. The patio looks terrific and I understand there will be patio seating when Red Rocks opens. As I walked by I had no problem imagining myself sitting there eating a slice a pizza before heading down the street to Wonderland Ballroom. I am wiping a tear from my eye, I am so happy at the prospect.

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  • PoP, Petworth doesn’t extend to 11th Street NW. This pizzeria will be in Columbia Hts.

  • Thanks J. Con. But you realize there are these things called feet. And with your feet you walk to 11th St, NW. I realize this blog is Petworth focused but I have mentioned numerous times that I will include topics within (reasonable) reach. It is a great benefit to both Columbia Heights and Petworth. Thanks for the geography lesson though.

  • J. con. I just reread my post I don’t intend to be that sharp. It is just many people are critical of any coverage at all of CH. I believe nice things in CH are also nice for Petworthians and therefore I will continue to note them. Sorry for the sarcasm.

  • No worries, PoP.
    My point is that Columbia Hts has the eateries, restaurants and bars.
    Despite our being more residential in both zoning and nature, we need more of that stuff in the PW.
    That’s why I can’t get excited for CH getting another cool place to eat.

  • Thanks J.con. I agree with you that it would be fantastic to have new restaurants etc on Upshur and in Petworth. And I certainly hope to see it come but in the meantime I think we can celebrate good new restaurants near us. I’m still dreaming of an indie bookstore in Petworth. I really do think we are going to see a big change when the condos open above the metro. I think it will attract some of the things we are looking for. In the mean time I’m grateful we have Domku and Temperance!

  • Temperance is technically in CH as well. On the eastern edge but there nonetheless.

  • When I lived at the corner of 11th and Monroe (’04-’05), this house was a known brothel. Glad to see that things have changed.

    A side note: Columbia Heights Coffee (on 11th between Park and Monroe), while not techincally located in Petworth, is a “local” place. The owner and GM live in Petworth…so don’t feel guilty about stopping by.

  • CH vs. PW:
    Well please continue the coverage of that area. Most of the CH blog sites and message boards are overrun with fluff, spam, and one or two loud mouths forcing their opinion. This blog is fresh air to your ever-slightly-southern neighbors!

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