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Is it ok to park your car in your backyard if you don’t have a driveway? I.E. is it ok to park your car on the grass in your backyard? Personally, I don’t see why it is necessary here in Petworth because there is so much street parking. What do you guys think?

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  • i don’t see an issue.

    personally i’d love to have all cars parked in the back of houses to leave more room on residential streets for people…….

  • could be that the person has expired tags and/or it’s not operational, in which case parking out back saves him from getting a ticket. if cars in yards were the rule, rather than the exception, it would be an eyesore…but one on a given street isn’t the worst thing. I’d rather complain about my neighbor’s incessantly barking dogs. And overgrown weeds.

  • You just spoiled next Friday’s question of the day! Uh-oh, er, those may be my overgrown weeds…

  • 1) You can get a ticket for parking a non-operational car in your backyard for more than 90 days.

    2) We park in our backyard b/c we’ve got Florida plates, baby! Whooo!! Come get me DMV! What! What!

  • PoP–I think you should have a special edition on Petworth Dogs. The incessantly barking dogs are so common in the PW, as are completely untrained pit bulls. What are the responsible–poop-scooping, dog-training, spending time in the park with your pooch–dog owners to do?

  • im with j.con… is petworth the barking dog asylum of the city?
    and while i truly love animals-these (*&^$$$#)(*! and their loose, very untrained pit bulls. (can you tell im getting old?)

  • What snobs! Your backyard is yours to do anything you like. Park a car, change the oil, drink liquor from a brown bag, take a nap. Residential codes exist if something is dangerous, like bad wiring, not to determine whether you can park on the grass.

  • word! do you want us to hide our hummers in our backyards? since they are an embarrassment to white people and all, you know?

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