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Have you decided who you are going to vote for in the special election? You don’t have to tell me for whom, I’m just interested if people have made up their minds yet. I know I haven’t. Part 2: Have you been influenced by the Post’s endorsement or any other endorsements for that matter?

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  • I am down to two or three, with a tentative ordering of those. The endorsements I have seen have only angered me, not influenced me.

    That the unions ignored people who had belonged to and/or worked for them for years (Renee Bowser and Marlena Edwards, for example) and the environmental groups ignored the Green candidate (Renee again) seemed like a blatant submission to pressure.

  • Apparently the FOP endorsed Muriel Bowser as well. Again, hearing the story and that the FOP was impressed with her stated “approach” to how she would work with the police. But again, after reading all the negative things about her, it becomes clear that this woman talks a great game.

    Unfortunately for the rest of Ward 4 not familiar with her, they might soon learn how hollow of a leader she appears to be . . .

  • FOP endorsement is funny as hell. She didn’t even know the difference between Chief Newsham and Chief Bigalow, Newsham is the Asst. Chief of Police over various districts, Bigalow is the school chief of police, when she was asked who is the DC school chief of police she answered Newsham…FOP is doing what Fenty says as well, just as she will if she winsa.

  • well the fact the Muriel Bowser listed stuff that she hasn’t done on her web-site means what to you PoP?

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