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I would to take this opportunity just to explain the purpose of this blog. I love Petworth and I love Washington DC. Sure, I have complaints but overall I think we live in the greatest city and the greatest neighborhood within that city. I have lived in DC for 10 years and 4 of those have been in Petworth. I say that, because I understand the geography of DC. Some people have written to complain that I have remarked on areas outside of Petworth. That is true. But I’d like to explain it this way: the Marines, I believe, have a saying, God, Country, Corps. Those are things that they are most honored to serve. And I have my own, Washington DC, NorthWest DC, and Petworth. That is who is I seek to serve. The whole purpose of this blog is to share my love of those three things. Of course, Petworth will take up the bulk of posts but that doesn’t mean I have restricted myself only to cover Petworth. I love this city. And I love Petworth. And every year I find more reasons to love both. And I will continue to do so. So understand that I know the geography of DC probably better than most. If I remark on a neighborhood outside of Petworth, I am aware of this fact. Some people like to bust my chops, and often I need my chops busted. As a matter of fact, a blog has sprung up whose sole purpose is to make fun of this blog. And that is cool. I am flattered. But for this blog, I have a few rules. One is that pure hatred will not be tolerated. That is not to say that debate is discouraged. On the contrary debate is good. And because we live in such a diverse community, diverse in politics, opinions as well as diverse in race- no doubt people will disagree with one another. That is cool. But realize we are representing this community to the outside as well. For some reason I have readers, in Germany, Japan, California, NY etc. We should recognize that we are a major voice of this community. Again, pure stupidity and hatred will not be tolerated. And let us remember that it is diversity that makes this community great. I have said it before, but it is the combination of old time residents, new residents, residents originally from other countries that make us so special. We must embrace this diversity because without it, we are simply ordinary.

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  • Hey dude, I really wasn’t trying to bust your chops on the not in Petworth comment, nor was I complaining, and I’m sorry if it came across that way. I was just commenting on the geography.

    It’s hard to convey tone in text, but those comments, not meant to be anything more than comments, and I really do apologize if they read as annoying.

  • Anon. No worries at all. This post came about after a number of different comments and emails. I thought your comment made a lot of sense after you expained it and I appreciate it a lot. No apology necessary at all. I hope you continue to comment because that is what makes this blog worth reading!

  • Oh God. I guess I have to fess up…I don’t live in Petworth. I live in Columbia Heights. I am one block away from Petworth, and I thought that I could sneak in, but obviously I need to let myself out the back.


    You know, I never really got the idea that the “Prince of Petworth” title meant that every post was supposed to be set in that neighborhood or else. I thought it was more you saying where you live. And as for a “mocking” blog…how to put this?…I really enjoy your work and all, but are you well-known enough for people to bust your chops with a mock blog? This isn’t the Drudge Report, y’know, where you’re getting a zillion hits a day, is it?

    Oh well, guess it’s a twisted compliment. Keep on truckin’ PoP!

  • Thanks Christina, all I can say is that it indeed is a very wierd world we live in. And someone obviously has way too much free time. I shall keep on keeping on.

  • I’ll confess too…I live in Tenleytown, but really, really want to live in the Petworth/Park View/Columbia Heights area. As I sit here and wait for my condo to be ready for move-in over in your ‘hood, I have really enjoyed getting to know Petworth through this website. Thank you for opening my eyes to such a great place and look forward to seeing it grow as part of the community, instead of an outsider.

    There’s always going to be haters, just do what you do PoP.

  • How come if you only take pictures of white people if you are celebrating diversity? It’s great that you are taking pictures of our neighborhood, like yards, and great houses. But you have taken pictures of two male hipsters without their knowledge, and interviewed two other males in the neighborhood. You have only interviewed one black female who works at Temperance, which is not even in Petworth. How is that diversity?

  • Actually, one of profiles “keith” was black. And I’ve only done two profiles, so um, not really sure what you are talking about.

  • Cover what you want! It’s your blog. I’ll keep reading. Yep, I live in Columbia Heights according to some. But being equal distances from both Metro stations (CH and PW), what does that classify me as!

    Hmm… For that matter, do any boundary line snobs consider Petworth Metro even inside the “border” of Petworth. Do neighborhoods even have official borders?

    Keep up your efforts. We love ’em!

  • Let’s celebrate white people in Petworth!

    Why would you take pictures white males in your neighborhood and post them online? That is very odd. And Keith is very confused. Why would anyone wear a Manchuster United jersey if they are an Arsenal fan? That’s like a Redskins fan wearing a Cowboys jersey.

  • People were confused about exactly what is a “hipster”. So I gave some examples. Thanks for the idiotic quote of the day though.

  • So you take pictures of white males in the neighborhood without their permission? How come you don’t take pictures of black women in business suits? You get all giddy when white males are seen in Petworth.

  • Oh, fer chrissakes. Everyone who wants to do something better/different can start their own dang blog.

    PoP, I don’t take the Metro much but when I do, I’m usually wearing business attire. And, as much as I dig the whole blog thing, I’m not really going to be down with a strange man taking my picture.

    I will say though that there are probably more professionals in the neighborhood than any of us know. I’m just not required to wear a business suit to my office job, and I can’t imagine I’m the only one.

  • I’m glad someone else sees that as weird as well. There are two pictures of hipsters in the metro that was taken (without their knowledge or permission) and posted on this blog. i think that is very creepy, despite PoP’s explanation that he was showing what a hipster looks like.

  • Noted. Thank you. I apologize to the two people if they were offended. I purposely made sure that their identities were shielded but I register the complaint. It will not happen again. Case closed.

  • Being proud of your neighborhood is one thing. Parading gentrification is another. You should think about that when you complain about what is in other people’s yards in the city, the number of Hummers in your neighborhood, and taking pictures of white hipsters in the neighborhood. You are making other people that move into the neighborhood look bad. Especially when the locals refer to you as the “Crazy White Boy.”

    Carrying a billy club in your back pocket at the metro doesn’t go in line with what you are promoting, that Petworth is a “good” neighborhood. So what exactly are you trying to say? I suggest you think twice before you write something. A lot of residents read your blog which has been added to Petworth blogs. Don’t flatter yourself when the Post features certain businesses in Petworth and take credit for “bringing it to their attention.”

    People have moved/lived in Petworth for years and it is known for being a good community. It is great you are showing people your Petworth, but you are also rubbing in the gentrification process by complaining about the ghetto-ness of some residents and taking pictures of white people as you see them on the metro.

  • Uh, yeah. Thanks.

  • tough crowd….

  • So you’re saying none of your posts are racist? Who carries a billy club to the metro? Who takes pictures of white males in the city and gets all giddy about them?

    Don’t try to flatter yourself too much.

    Creep factor: 10

  • Hey buddy, this horse is officially dead. Thank you for your comments. If you don’t like what you read then I have a great idea for you: Stop reading.

  • Hello to all Anonymous haters on here. Leave your race baiting to the Columbia Heights list-serve. Leave us Petworthians in peace.

    Thank you.

  • Let me guess, to the anonymous blogger that doesn’t know the PoP but feels bold enough call out his character. He doesn’t carry what he carries because he lives in Petworth, but because he lives in a city. Any city, where crime can strike anyone, anywhere. I have a friend that got mugged over by the “nice” neighborhood of Cathedral. So it has nothing with Petworth and is not a signal of how he feels about the neighborhood. DC is a city, and it has elements, regardless of the neighborhood, or race for that matter, that he feels he has the right to protect himself against.

  • It irritates the hell out of me when people always want to bring the race thing into EVERYTHING. How about this, the PoP covers things that everyday citizens of Washington, DC as a whole would be interested in. We all want the same thing, a peaceful, close-knit community of neighbors with the same agenda. (Oh, by the way, I’m a black female that has lived in Riggs Park all my life)

    Keep up the good work, PoP!!!

  • Some people are determined to be offended no matter what the situation. It’s your blog and the First Amendment says you have the freedom to write and say anything you want on it.

    To the poster who doesn’t like your content, I suggest you stop complaining and DO something, such as, start an Original Citz of Petworth blog and write about the things YOU want to see highlighted in the community. It’s your right. Exercise it.

    Life is simple, PEOPLE make it hard.

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