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I spotted this sign in Columbia Heights touting a Starbucks on the way. It got me thinking about Petworth. When I first moved to Petworth, I thought, gosh it would be fanastic to have a Starbucks of our own. Now, I am begining to wonder. I had the opportunity to speak to the owner of ‘Blessed 7-9’ on the corner of Shepherd and 5th. I posted a photo of his new sign a few posts below. At anyrate he was a really super nice guy. I asked him if he could stock 2% milk and without hesitating he said “yeah, no problem”. Then I told him I liked his new sign and he was thrilled. He insisted that I try a cup of his coffee. And I have to tell you, it was delicious. I thought it was going to be horrible and stale but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was fantastic and only $1.25. Which brings me back to Starbucks. It would be a shame if we got a Starbucks and it hurt our very hard working local business people. It is a debate I’m having. Would it hurt Domku? So what are your thoughts – would you like to see a Starbucks in Petworth?

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  • I don’t drink coffee, but I’d still want a Starbucks. A Starbucks would be yet one more business that would draw in other businesses–other restaurants, coffee shops, etc. That would be good for the ‘hood. Competition is a good thing…Plus, while I appreciate the gems we have, they are ridiculously few and far between. All we ever hear about are Domku, Temperance Hall and a few other places. As big as Petworth is, I’d like to have many favorites I can visit.

  • I would definitely prefer independent local businesses and I think we should be very careful about trying to attract chains like Starbucks.

  • i think starbucks is a double edged sword.

    i dont want one in my neighborhood and i try to avoid them in general. i prefer locally owned and designed coffee shops

    I dont know if its still leading the edge on this, but a number of years ago i was talking with people from property development companies that all used starbucks research about revitalizing neighbors to decided where to invest.

    i do know that its very unlikely for a starbucks to close, and they definitely have dedicated customers.

  • I have mixed feelings about these dang chains ( what an apt metaphor, eh?)-but if the presence of the king of burned Joe means a much-needed influx of other businesses, then, to quote this nation’s dingbat “leader”, “bring it on.”

  • In a city with a woefully low number of cafes, I don’t think a Starbucks in Petworth/CH will be a bad thing. From most of what I hear, they are generally a well regarded employer and like others have pointed out, a sign of other improvements to come. Kind of how Whole Foods was a sign of future revitalization in the Logan Circle area.

    Or alternatively, does a Starbucks only show up well after revitalization is underway is just a sign that positive efforts have had an impact and taken hold? Hmmm…

  • yeah, agree with Daniel. Starbucks is not the cutting edge in neighborhood change. I am not sure what is.

  • Don’t care what it’s called – I want a good, fun, funky coffee shop within walking distance of the Metro. Would have loved an iced something yummy (with a kick!) on Sunday afternoon – don’t want to have to drive to go get it.

  • I would love to have a Starbucks in the neighborhood, the more businesses the better. I don’t think it would affect mom and pop shops either. Despite the abundance of Starbucks shops in D.C. there are still plenty of mom and pop outfits and they co-exist well together.

  • I thought that Mocha Hut (I think that’s its name – the one that’s at 14th and Decatur) was going to open in the new building on top of the GA Ave metro.

    I’d WAY rather have them in the neighborhood than any chain. (Plus, I love coffee, hate Starbucks, and live down the block from there, so I’d love to have a local business there.)

  • Yes, as far as I’ve heard, Mocha Hut will be coming to the Park Place development.

    And I’ll be glad to join a morning coffee club at the 5th and Shepherd store. Takers? Anyone?

  • Ha! Bill that is a great idea. Unfortunately 5th and Shepherd is most definitely a take out destination. No place to sit. When Mocha Hut opens, which is a chain obviously much smaller than Starbucks but still a chain, it may be more appropriate for a coffee club. Unless you are starting a coffee to go club…

  • I’d much prefer to see some locally owned independent businesses than another Starbucks. I’ll be moving to Petworth soon, and on my drives through the neighborhood I’ve seen Flip It bakery and another place called Java and Cream, both on Georgia Avenue. Has anyone tried either of those? How’s the coffee?

  • There was an article in the Wall Street Journal a few years ago about how, to everyone’s surprise, independent coffee shops actually do BETTER when a Starbucks opens nearby. I don’t remember why, but it was a counterintuitive result — something like, the people who prefer independent stores go more often when they think the store is threatened by Starbucks, or general coffee consumption at all stores in the neighborhood goes up when Starbucks shows up. Anyway, it suggests that we shouldn’t be worried about a Starbucks putting other shops out of business, if we can get one around here at all. (Besides, it not like we’ve got ANY coffee shops in Petworth yet, though we have a few places that serve good coffee.)

  • not a coffee drinker, but on the assumption that starbucks is efficient, clean, serves decent coffee and treats, who gives a rats ass whether or not it’s a chain? I know that’s not PC b/c we’re all supposed to love Mom and Pop shops (which, as far as quality ones, we’re in short supply of in the ‘worth), but I just don’t see anything remotely negative about a Starbucks (especially if they have black and white cookies).

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