1984 or a good thing?

CCTV, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Well I’ve seen two CCTV’s around Petworth so far. One is near the metro and one is by Shepherd and 4th St. So far I believe they are a good thing. For one, I know by Shepherd and 4th there have been numerous shootings in the past. Remember 3 or 4 years ago when the little girl was shot on her porch in a drive by? Well that was around Shepherd and 4th. So if it helps deter those shootings I’m all for it. But where does the slippery slope begin? I certainly wouldn’t want one on every corner. What are your thoughts?

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  • It’s a good thing the sign explains what CCTV is. Because we want to make sure criminals fully understand how they are being watched. “Hey, hey, you! Mr. Non-descript Criminal! Yeah you. Don’t do anything bad because I can see you . . . what? You’re goind around the corner, then I’ll just follow you. Wait, I’m a stationary camera, I can’t.”

  • Don’t forget the camera at 5th and Kennedy– it was one of the first to go in…

  • these cameras are good at keeping coloreds and their criminal minds away

  • Gina, that is an absolute unacceptable comment, even if you are being sarcastic. If you would like to explain yourself maturely that is fine. But in the future I will delete comments that are offensive.

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