What happened to me?

I used to be cool. I used to hit the bars every other night. I once held a record among my friends for going out three months in a row. 3 months! Now I follow open houses like I used to follow the Yankees. I get excited when I read that a grocery store may open up near my house. What happened? My friend got a new washer/dryer and I was legitimately excited. I even had envy. I wanted a new washer/dryer. A washer/dryer for the love of God. Embarrassing. Truly embarrassing.

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  • Hey man, I feel ya. I used to be the same way. Um, except for the part about being cool…I actually never was, I think. 🙂

    I love my washer/dryer stack!

  • Ok, I’m not actually sure if others would agree with me about the coolness but I was cool in my own mind. Uh, now I’m pretty sure I’m the only one walking around with a Trader Joe’s bag picking up trash. Oh, you got a washer/dryer too? One day I will join that elite bunch. Enjoy!

  • We got a new washer, but not a new dryer yet. Does that make me still semi-cool?

  • It makes you cooler than me because I still have a washer, I’m guessing, from the early-90s!

  • I was very excited when I got my new washer and dryer. And I knew full well how nerdy it was to be that thrilled. But I love them

  • Wow, everyone’s getting new Washer/Dryers. So I’ve admitted my geekiness yet I still don’t have one. Brutal. Every time you guys do a wash you should pour a little detergent out for me. Wow, I’ve sunk really low…

  • It’s probably as exciting as getting a new car. Especially if you’re extra special and get a front load washer. Ahhh.

  • hahahaha great post.

  • a friend of mine did better than a new washer/dryer. she got a house. maybe i’m next…..

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