The name says it all

The name says it all, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Let’s not beat around the bush with fancy Polish names or names reminding us of the 20s. This restaurant which is freshly opened on Georgia Ave is perhaps one of the most beautiful sights this eye has seen. I’m not sure how healthy it is but damn it, it has the greatest name ever. I’m not exactly sure why the chicken is dancing but that is a topic for a different post.

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  • personally, i think these types of restaurants – tacky storefronts, and unappeasing and unhealthy food,is the LEAST petworth needs. Do you see many of these places going up in “up and coming” columbia heights? didn’t think so

  • I thought the sarcasm was apparent. I absoultely was kidding. I love Domku and Temperance and would love to see more development in that direction. I think this fast food store is awful. I just thought the name was hilarious. Sometimes it can be tough to convey sarcasm. We are on the same side here. Sorry it wasn’t clear.

  • Who wants to join me in a “Have More Heart Attacks” campaign against this public health disaster and eyesore? Maybe instead of a dancing chicken, we could have a “dancing” Dick Cheney?

    What a horrible waste of a fantastic location.

  • Jesus you people are stuck-up lame asses.

    I think this sign is great. It’s fun, unique and adds character to the neighborhood. Besides, some people in the neighborhood actually like fried chicken. What else would you like, another shitty overpriced sausage restaurant like Domku? You’re already getting your precious Yes! Organic Foods in a little while, so shut up and eatmore goddamn fried chicken.

  • sorry but fancypants’ response is funny.

  • I like it when people show a little fire. However, I do believe that there is plenty of room in Petworth for Fried Chicken joints and much cooler restaurants. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind a Taco Bell!

  • I disagree with u “prince of petworth”. I’ve been here before and i loved the food. I actually saw neighbors coming up to their store and thanking them for opening it up. Plus they’re really nice people.

  • If you actually take a chance to go inside the place instead of criticizing a “fast-food” restaurant which is evidently a terrible thing to certain people, You’ll realize that the frying oil has no trans fat, no cholesterol and there is no use of the unhealthy shortening. Furthermore, I acknowledge the fact that heart attack rates and obesity are serious problems in America but I also think that the “Judge first, think later” mind set is also a serious problem. As a fellow business-person, I think a new business in this area is proof of healthy development and I strongly oppose those that are so judgemental without giving small businesses a chance.

  • I totally agree that Domku is stick up! Diversity is key, fried chicken is good. So we’ve got a stuck up bar/cafe, a fun pub and a chicken spot. Get over yourselves. If you don’t like fried chicken, don’t eat it.

  • I’ve since reconsidered my position on this post. I support a variety of options. Fried chicken being a very viable option. I’d love more Domkus and El Limenos as well but I also love Taco Bell…

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