Stairway to the nyc public library?

Now this house has stirred a lot of debate in my little world. This is the gigantic red brick house with well you can see the lions guarding the front door. Now, I happen to think the slate stairway looks wicked cool. As for the rest of the house I’m not so sure. What do you guys thing of the lions?

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  • nice pic

  • what’s up with that house? Does someone live there or what? I think the lions are pretty cheezy.

  • Everytime I walk by it seems to be empty. It is a huge house though, I’m wondering if it is going to be one family or condos.

  • They’ve been working on it since before I moved to the neighborhood 3 years ago. The lions look ridiculous if you ask me, but to each his own. I’m al;ways happy to see a property improved in Petworth, but this project looks kind of out of place in comparison to all the neighboring houses. It’s like a tornado picked it up somewhere West of RCP and dropped it here in Petworth.

  • There’s a house on Taylor Street in North Columbia Heights that got the extreme-makeover treatment — mood lighting, deck with outdoor bar, 12 foot high iron fence — but the real topper is the coats of armor with swords that guard the front door. Perhaps they used the same designer.

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