Remember Community Policing

Ah, that was a nice idea. It was such a lovely thought. The police were going to be walking the beat saying hello to the neighbors, getting to know folks, etc. etc. Yeah, well it hasn’t happened in Petworth as far as I am concerned. Now you all have to understand, I am not a normal fellow. I walk for hours and hours just to walk. I walk all around Petworth, Columbia Heights and U Street. I observe, I look at cool houses, I look at cool flowers, I talk to cool people. And you know how many cops I have seen “walking the beat”? Two! And that is two who were walking together, not two separate occasions. So I ask you, Chief Lanier, Mayor Fenty, what gives? Where are these foot patrols and community policing initatives you promised us? I believe I’m going to have call bullshit on this one.

Fellow Petworthians and residents of the District, is it just me? Have you seen foot patrols? If they send an officer to an ANC meeting I don’t exactly call that community policing.

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  • Hey, a real live cop car drove down my street (Meridian Place) last night and the guy driving actually waved to me when I did! Does that count?

  • Petworth actually does have a couple foot patrol officers now! At the last ANC meeting the police reported that there is 1 foot patrol officer on the 800 block of Upshur and I believe another one near the metro. There may be more but I don’t recal…

  • When I lived in Petworth, I barely saw them on patrol. And right before I moved one of the neighbors was going on about how some man was prowling near her house and no one came when she called the cops. Creepy.

    I walk for hours and hours just to walk.

    Me, too…I love getting out, meeting people, and seeing things I haven’t seen before. I just wish the streets were safer for women!

  • A pal living on the Hill at 13th and C SW had a knock on his door and a visit from a neighborhood officer. Apparently this was related to the new police chief. And Mt Vernon Square has the video posted of their MPD officer on a ridealong. If you’re not home during the day, it’s hard to know what we’re missing. I was doing some work on the house on a Tuesday in the winter, and a bilingual woman stopped by to ask if my heat were working properly and if anyone in the home were suffering from extreme cold temperatures. Last Thursday night, some officers searched our alley with flashlights == think they were looking for someone.

  • The amount of foot beats and “encourgement” to officers to get out there is probably going to vary on the District. Bogfrog’s friend lives in the 1st District, which has a very, very active Commander. Commander Diane Groomes. Any former residents of the Logan Circle area might remember her as Lt Diane Groomes. Well she was in the same class as the current Chief, and was promoted from Lt to Commander very quickly. She is a get out there and do something kind of commander. When she was a Lt she was barely in the 3rd District station, out on the street, doing police work. Unfortunately when she got promoted she moved out of 3D, but that’s what happens in MPD. You’re doing great, now we’ll promote you and put you somewhere else, away from the great things you’ve done in your previous area and kill the continunity of effort. But I digress.

    So, back to the bottom line. Amount of foot beats you’ll see and where you see them will depend on the individual commanders getting their officers out of the cars. And unfortunately in 4D has a weird history of commanders (Lanier not included).

  • Thanks Golden. I too hope the streets get safer for women all those who wish to walk them in safety. Good luck with your new site.

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