I’m actually going to do something

Well, normally I feel much more comfortable bitching and complaining from a comfortable chair. I am, however, psyched when other people do things to improve the community. Well, I’m going to do my small part. Please join me in this gesture in what I am calling the war against garbage in Petworth or WAGIP. If you make an acronym you know it is serious. At any rate I have decided to carry an empty plastic bag with me on my walks to the metro every morning. I have gotten tired of carrying trash in my arms just from picking it up in front of my house. So it hit me, why not carry an empty plastic bag, from safeway or whatever, and fill it up on my walk to the metro. The beautiful thing is that it doesn’t take a lot of effort. So if some of you loyal readers can do the same on your walks to work or metro or bus or wherever we can make Petworth shine like it should.

Be hip and participate in WAGIP. (Ed note: that rhymes but is so awful I just punched myself, but participate anyway.)

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  • I walk my dogs twice a day and take extra bags every time just for trash. I started this 2 years ago. I think I have made a difference in the blocks around Barnard School but it just keeps coming. I think block captains is the key to success. Good luck.

  • I’ve done this a couple times – from Taylor St down 8th St to New Hampshire and the metro. What’s the deal with the apartment building at 3728 New Hampshire Ave NW? There is always trash in front of that building…are the photos on this site of that building? Aren’t they responsible for their area? It would be great if someone official could warn them or fine them to get them to be better about this.

  • That is exactly what those pictures are. So ANC reps do you read this? Can you help us?

  • I think I need to start carrying a bigger bag. This morning I filled the entire bag about half way to the metro. I guess every little bit helps.

  • Up in Takoma we have groups of “Orange Hats” who walk the neighborhood. We don’t encounter much crime, but we carry bags and do a lot of clean-up.

    Imagine an advertising campaign where you see a teenaged boy and girl talking in the steet and the voice-over says “Pick-ups are great”, and then they walk off and start picking junk up off the street, ala PoP.

  • Thanks Rich. That is great that you have a whole patrol collecting trash. Unfortunately, I don’t think any advertising campaign will convince teenagers to pick up trash. Hell, I don’t need them to pick up the trash, I’d settle for them simply stopping littering.

  • An interesting approach, and I applaud the effort. Just keep in mind, if you pick it up, they will drop it. Maybe the trash droppers will see you all doing this and feel compelled to put their trash in a trash can. Or maybe, it will embolden them to freely drop trash because they know you’ll be there to pick it up for them. Unfortunately, the root of the problem may be beyond the reach of a man and his plastic shopping bag.

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