Fenty vs. Cropp again?

Have you seen the recent articles on Ward 4 councilmember endorsements? Well combine that knowledge with the recent articles about fundraising for the seat. What do you get? Fenty vs. Cropp round two. What we see is that those organizations supporting Muriel Bowser also supported Mayor Fenty for his successful mayoral race. On the other side we are seeing those organizations supporting Michael Brown also supported Linda Cropp’s unsuccessful mayoral candidacy. Those fundraising for Muriel Bowser and Michael Brown also follows a similar Fenty-Cropp pattern. Am I reading too much into this? Are we seeing another Fenty vs. Cropp race?

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  • I was discussing the campaign with a friend tonight. Since some people are looking at this as a two-person race, we were contemplating which MB we would vote for if that’s the choice. We came up with opposite answers.

    That gave me an idea: Set up a matchmaker service that would match up people who would reluctantly vote Muriel with those who would reluctantly vote Michael, and free them both to vote for the candidate they really like without the guilt of having wasted their votes.

    It would have to be based on trust, unfortunately, so it may not work except between friends. So, friend, if you see this, tell me what you think.

  • Prince of Petworth is trying to put some excitement into the Ward 4 City Councilmember race. This race is definitely not a Fenty vs. Cropp race. If it is then the Fenty-backed candidate should win in a landslide. Fenty trounced Cropp in the mayoral election.

    Muriel Bowser’s candicacy is being challenged by other candidates. And this is a good thing for Ward 4. The candidates with the most financial resources better use them wisely, otherwise they will be surprised on May 1st. If they want to get more attention, they should think long and hard about setting up a debate between themselves. That would be a wise use of the funds they have.

  • Well in this race Cropp, (Brown) will win!

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