El Torogoz

El Torogoz, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

With all the excitement about El Limeno, which is fantastic by the by I forgot to mention another rather new Salvadorian/Mexican restaurant – El Torogoz. It has a very similar feel to El Limeno. It also has a fantastic juke box and excellent service. So if you have room in your stomaches and hearts don’t forget to patronize El Torogoz as well, located right next to the Post office. Another bonus is that it is right around the corner from Domku so you can get in a game of pool after dinner.

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  • POP, I dont see what makes El Torogoz similar to El Limeno other than the cuisine. Their atmospheres are quite different. El Limeno is more upscale. El torogoz is more like the Jamaican restaurant near the metro.

  • Hmm, I guess El Limeno is a more upscale but I had a pleasant experience at Torogoz. I had a lovely waitress, which you won’t find at Sweet Mango, and it had a similar atmosphere. Maybe it has changed a bit since I last went. But it is definitely more upscale than Sweet Mango. Speaking of Sweet Mango, it is one of the great pleasures of living in Petworth to walk by and smell the jerk chicken cooking.

  • I’ve been meaning to try Sweet Mango… How is it?

  • It is delicious. I see it as more of a takeout place though. There are no servers. But the jerk chicken is unbelievable. I’ll take some photos and do a proper write up this weekend.

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