Do bourgeois hipsters love Petworth?

I read a very interesting article in the New York Observer about hipsters being proud of living or claiming to live in rough neighborhoods of Brooklyn. You can read it here.

I was talking to someone last night who said many “hipsters” from Mt. Pleasant have moved to Petworth. I am by no means a hipster, I am very hip mind you just not a hipster, but anyway I am very proud to live in Petworth for the positive attributes – beautiful neighbors, trees, houses etc. Are there people who moved to Petworth because it is “hip” to live in Petworth? Or is it a financial thing? I know I couldn’t afford to buy in many other neighborhoods 4 years ago. So talk to me about hipsters in Petworth. What is it exactly about Petworth that attracts hipsters?

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  • Hmm. Was Mount Pleasant “hipster” central? I dunno. Anyway, I’m going to guess that most people, including hipsters and unhip me, were drawn by the prices.

  • It can’t be an accident that “Petworth’s in” is an anagram for “Hipster Town”.

  • Rich, that is awesome! When I get Prince of Petworth t-shirts made, yours is on the house.

  • yay for temperance hall for bringing in the hipsters…..

  • I live in Columbia Heights (a stone’s throw away from Petworth) and I thought that I would see more hipsters on my walks to work in the morning, and yet, I don’t.

    Hipsters are happy living on the edge? I wouldn’t know. I was never that hip.

  • By “hipsters” you mean white people who wear corduroys out of season? And Chuck Taylors year round?

    I moved to the PW because it’s a nice NW D.C. neighborhood. Anyone “hipster” who thinks it’s a rough neighborhood should go see some other D.C. neighborhoods–ones that are legitimately rough.

  • I agree with the last comment about real “rough”. I mean, Cleveland Park can get bad. Last week I got yelled at for walking in the middle of the street.

  • hmmm.. I’ve been in Petworth now since the begining of the year and have to say that to my suprise, I haven’t run into a single hipster. I have to admit, when I tell people that I live on Grant circle, I enjoy overplaying the ghetto-ness of my neighborhood a bit. One of my friends just moved into the new lofts across from the CH Giant with his girlfriend and he’s totally self conscience about it. I guess if he really wanted to streach it, he could tell people he lives in South-South Petworth.

  • Scott, thank you for your honesty and welcome to the neighborhood.

    The place where I have seen the most hipsters by far is Wonderland Ballroom in CH. Although Domku gets a smattering as well.

  • Bourgeois hipsters…they’re a trip. Very ubiquitous, and slightly pretentious.

    Why can’t people just be down-to-earth and normal?

  • so what is a hipster? and is grant circle ghetto?

  • PoP is not hip. See previous picture of his tie.

  • What defines ghetto-ness?

  • That tie is badass, some of you are just jealous.

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