Developer chosen for Old Soldiers Home

Paul Schwartzman writes in a small piece in the Post that a North Carolina based builder has been chosen to develop 77 acres of the Old Soldiers Home. It plans to build a small hotel, a supermarket, condominiums, market rate rental apartments and 300 units of affordable housing.

Pretty exciting stuff although I hope it isn’t too congested a la certain areas of Columbia Heights. But a new supermarket should make people happy. Dare I say Whole Foods may be on its way?

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  • I tried to find the piece. Was there a timeframe for this development?

  • It was one of those mini pieces in the metro section that’s why I wasn’t able to link to it. Sorry about that. No timeframe was listed. The only other thing said in the blurb was that the Home was using the extra revenue to finance more than $366 million in captiol improvements including new roofing, wiring, and security.

  • This is FANTASTIC news! The PW can’t be stopped!

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