Alley Clean Up Tomorrow

Sponsored by Ward 4 candidate RT Milligan. There will be an alley clean up tomorrow March 24, from 10:00 to 11:00 am.

From the announcement:
“Please gather at 125 Webster Street, NW at 9:45am for donuts, coffee, juice and assignments. Cleanup will occur in the north side alleys between 100 and 200 Webster Street.”

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  • A clean-the-scene meet-and-greet; I love it! I can’t let that go by without a positive comment — Good going, Artee.

  • According to postings on the Petworth yahoo community listserve, the clean-up culminated with the dumping of debris at the rear of a resident’s property, in the 100 block of Webster. It would have been a great effort, but that resident now has to deal with removal of debris collected from the entire alley.

  • The anonymous listing is in error. The trash collected from the alley cleanup was placed in the appropriate spot as indicated by DPW at the alley entrance IN THE FRONT of the residences at Webster. An inspection today revealed all bagged trash was picked up. The bulk trash items remained though, and DPW has been notified of this. Please let’s not play politics with a sincere effort at creating positive change in Ward 4


  • No one is “playing politics” or attempting to erode a postive image. I know little about the candidate whose campaign sponsored this event. The comments merely re-stated info that was posted on our community listserve by a concerned and well-respected ANC. So don’t be so sensitive Mr. Carley. If the crap was deposited on YOUR property, you too would want a prompt official response, as it appears this ANC commissioner attempted to ensure for his constituent.

  • Your ANC was in error with his statement and should issue an apology. He should verify his facts before posting any criticism on the listserv. Please visit Mr. Milligans’ MySpace page for visual conformation of the facts.

  • If you want an apology from the ANC, then you should take that up with him. Don’t get upset when citizens exchange info. It certainly doesn’t bode well for your candidate’s campaign.

  • Already done. I’m not upset, I was just correcting false information. You seem to be the one with ill feelings. I consider the matter closed.

  • No actually the defensiveness began with YOUR comments which attributed mine to politicizing. But thanks for helping me to eliminate one more option on the ballot. If I wanted to learn more about Mr. Milligan your tone has been a real detrerrent.

  • Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for your note on the Prince of Petworth’s Weblog. We appreciate your feedback. The before and after pictures of The 60 Minute Alley Cleanup have been posted on http://milliganforw ard4.blogspot. com and http://www.myspace. com/milliganforw ard4 . While the Department of Public Works indicated that they would pickup the debris on Saturday after the cleanup, they did not. As soon as Team Milligan became aware of this, Milligan called Merrit Drucker, Director of Community Outreach, Executive Office of the Mayor. Mr. Drucker followed up with DPW. The trash has been picked up.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. If you have questions, please call me.

    -Dev Hillman
    202 210 2751

  • Mr. candidate–lots of us think this is a great effort, and a really positive idea. Don’t let one grumpy person get you down–we could use more 60 minute alley cleanups… and then we could use a councilman who makes sure the DPW does THEIR job, too! But for now, one thing at a time–great work!

  • Why do people have to be labeled in a derogatory manner when they diasagree with something? Damn.
    Nobody disparaged the great effort.

    But I gurantee, corrective action notwithstanding, if you –or anyone else–were in the same postion of the complaining homeowner, your INITIAL reaction would be to complain.

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