You gotta be kidding me

The ‘Welcome Petworth’ banners are gone. Well, two of the banners are gone. I can’t believe it. If it were one, I’d think ok, maybe it just fell down. But the fact that two are missing leads me to the very ugly conclusion – vandals! How long were they up for before this happened maybe two days tops. Freaking ridiculous. I understand not everyone loves the design of the welcome to Petworth banners but I think they are terrific. I suspect the vandals didn’t tear them down to make an artistic statement. Ms. Carol Herwig deserves a lot of gratitude for getting them up. To be rewarded like this is appalling. Two banners appear to have been ripped down on Taylor and New Hampshire. I really feel like spewing a string of curses towards the culprits but what will that get me. We need to put the banners back up! Every time they tear them down we just need to put them right back up. We can’t let these [insert curse word] win! We need to show greater determination and strength than these hoodlums, and I doubt that will be a problem. Thanks again to Carol Herwig for her efforts. Of course maybe the wind blew them down, is that possible?

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  • I agree, POP! I can’t believe vandals took the stinkin banners! They were fantastic and a clear sign that the PW was on the move. It’s disgusting that they’re gone.
    It’s also disgusting that I had to pick up a Dominos pizza box from my neighbor’s front walkway b/c some idiots think all the PW is a trash bin.
    Slowly but surely…

  • How did they reach the banners if it was done by vandals? They seemed to be pretty high up to me?

  • My guess is that it may have been the wind that blew them down or some very clever vandals. I may have jumped to a conclusion a bit too quickly…

  • One was retrieved and has been rehung The other is still missing. If anyone has found it for safekeeping, please notify me and we’ll get it put back up. thanks, carol herwig

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