Unfortunately, my wallet doesn’t say "bad mother******" on it

Do you remember in the movie Pulp Fiction when John Travolta’s character is talking about how he found his car was keyed when he got back from Amsterdam? He said it would almost be worth it to have his car keyed if he could catch the person doing it. This is how I thought I felt too. To no one’s surprise I spotted lots more garbage today. I swear people are throwing it on my street just to piss me off. So my blood boils for a while. I had been listening to some Pearl Jam so I was feeling pretty tough. That was my first mistake. So I’m walking and I see a parked car and the window opens and a bag of trash is thrown out the window. I tell myself this is it, I’m going to go over there and let that person have it. You can’t throw garbage on the street right in front of me, I though to myself. This was my second mistake. So I walk over to the car with a real tough scowl on my face ready to be bring justice to my small part of Petworth. When I’m about three quarters of the way there, I notice that the car is full with about five guys who could probably play offensive line for many football teams. I wish this was on video tape. I mean I was flying over there and I literally did a one hundred and eighty degree turn practically in mid air when I saw who was in the car. It must of looked hilarious, I can’t imagine what the guys in the car were thinking. I decided to err on the side of caution. If I was walking fast towards the car I was practically flying away in my retreat. Damn it, Pearl Jam almost made me get my ass kicked. I’m pretty much banking on karma to correct this injustice. Please tell me karma really exists…

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  • I just sprayed coffee all over my keyboard reading this post! Oh well, maybe you can go back and pick up that trash and put it in the garbage after the big scary men have left? Where are those foot patrols when you need them?

  • It’s a funny story and I do feel your pain. I’ve yelled at people and picked up their trash right in front of them. It’s amazing how some one can roll down their car window and throw a whole bag of fast food trash out the window. I’ve watched a crossing guard that lives down the street throw her McDonald’s cup in the gutter right in front of her own house. My trash can is filled each week with the “ghetto droppings” I pick up from the few blocks around me. It’s truly astonishing how many people litter in Petworth. Fed up with other people’s trash!

  • The only thing karma is going to get you for is cursing Pearl Jam.

  • Way to be a pussy.

  • He said anonymously

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