Riding high on the metro

Now, I don’t like to judge but I was going to the metro the other day when an unmistakable smell hit me in the face. It was the smell of a Grateful Dead concert, or a Phish show, and instantly associated with Bob Marley. The fact is some kids love getting high outside the Petworth metro station. Now, I wouldn’t write about it if I haven’t witnessed it on more than one occasion. I like to think that I am not too naive. Now, if it was Friday night or Saturday night I wouldn’t think twice about it but when it is Tuesday morning at 8 am and sub freezing weather, it makes me think our youth may have a problem. And they most certainly were young kids. I hope the candidates for Ward 4 address this issue. Am I just totally out of it or is this normal behavior for high school or maybe even junior high kids?

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  • Sadly, this is normal behavior for high school and junior high students. I remember the first time I saw dime bags of weed was in math class in seventh grade… and this was in the DC suburbs…

  • When they’re right outside the metro entrance, tell the station manager. And if he/she is a good manager then they will dispatch Metro police to handle it. Just get a good description, and I’m not talking about just “blue jeans and black jackets”

  • The station managers are hit or miss. There was a group of kids cutting up at Petworth (days before I moved)…guys were grabbing and pulling some girl. Even though she was laughing she was yelling “quit it!” Regardless of whether or not she liked what they were doing to her, I found it inappropriate and went to report it to the manager.

    The manager barely let me finish speaking, rolled her eyes, sighed, and took her precious time to go “handle” the problem. I didn’t stay around to wait, and I doubt she alleviated the problem. The reason why kids are running the streets is because adults like that let them.

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