Miami Beach in Petworth?

Miami Beach Petworth, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I love this house. Very cool colors. It doesn’t matter how cold it is when I pass this house, I always seem to warm up a little, and for some reason the sun always seems to be shining.

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  • wow, where is that? i mean, the miami beach house is university of michigan colors, and the house next door is michigan state colors. i wonder if that happened on purpose?

  • That’s hilarious, I never put the two together. I guess if I saw a red house with a big buckeye in the middle… It is on New Hampshire Ave, around 3900 or 4000 block. I support the MAC though so I’ll leave the Big 10 alone.

  • alright, cool. i’ll have to head up there this weekend and check it out. my mom went to western michigan, so i support the MAC too when i can.

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