It’s that time of year again

The envelopes have arrived. Is it good news or bad news? Well the Prince of Petworth has the homestead deduction so it doesn’t really change things too much. That’s right, the 2008 property assesments are in! And they went up although not as insanely as in past years. According to the Washington Post today District assessments for Petworth went up 16.72% from 2007. I thought the market has cooled, no? At least we are not Brentwood which saw a 46.60% increase from 2007. So how did everyone make out?

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  • My wife and I got hosed by the D.C. Taxman.
    We bought our house in September. Because the 10% cap increase does not apply to homeowners for the first year, our property tax increased by FORTY-SIX PERCENT from 2006.
    I want to put together a string of expletives here, but that won’t do anything to lower our bill. So i’ll just sign off. Keep up the good work, POP.

  • Wow, that is crazy. You can and should appeal the appraisal if you think it is out of line. Good luck!

  • I saw an 18 percent increase. I wish they would include something in here that says what that will mean in terms of your property tax payment, since I’m not so good with the math.

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