I’m happy for Columbia Heights, really I am

So I was checking out Columbia Heights News and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that they were getting not only a Starbucks but also a Dunkin Donuts. They don’t replace great indie places like the new 14 & U or Columbia Heights Coffee so hopefully the neighborhood can support all of them. Dunkin Donuts coffee is awesome, it is cheap and delicious. Now, I hate Boston with all my heart and people from Boston love D&D so I tried to hate it but I couldn’t, it is that good. Well, Petworth, only two more years until Mocha Hut opens up!

On other Columbia Heights development news, it turns out the Whole Foods won’t be coming to 14th St, but I think the Giant on Park is pretty good, so I don’t think the news is too crushing, especially if you have seen the lines at the P Street Whole Foods location. Did I mention that Columbia Heights is getting a Dunkin Donuts? Those lucky bastards…

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  • true, but y’all got Domku, which is something to be proud of…

  • i live next door to that whole foods and i would trade you your tivoli giant for it any day of the week. WF is too crowded, expensive, and full of self-important people who don’t understand how to move their carts out of the way.

    but i’m not bitter! (lol)

  • LOL…so true about not grasping the concept of moving the carts! I think WF designs their buildings to be narrow and annoying for some reason. Every one I have been to in the DC area is like that. I think they need to banish carts at those stores. Nothing like a heavy, grocery-laden hand-basket to hurry your butt to the nearest register.

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