El Limeno

El Limeno, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

After reading all the good buzz on Petworth News I had to check out the new restaurant El Limeno. (Ed. Note: I haven’t figured out how to put the cool accent over the N.) El Limeno is located at 2nd and Upshur, NW. I am happy to report that the dinner was perfect. The decor was very cool, lot’s of paintings, chandeliers, and other latin style decor. I was happy to see that they were also showing a soccer game on the tv. Also, there was a phenomenal jukebox playing sweet latin tunes. The waitress was fantastic, prompt, kind and good recommendations. They started us off with delicious free chips and salsa which I almost filled up on but thank God I didn’t. I took the waitress’ recommendation and had the crab enchilada. It was excellent, overflowing with crab. And for those who are itching for a post dinner drink – our very own Hitching Post is right across the street. My only concern is that it is very similiar to El Torogoraz, I hope there is enough demand for two El Salvadorian style restaurants. I know I’ll be back.

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  • hi, you mention your “very own Hitching Post” just across the street. i haven’t read all of your past posts, which place is that? i went to temperance hall which i love, but that seems to be slightly farther away.

  • Hi Carsten. The Hitching Post is a very low key bar/restaurant located right across the street from El Limeno on the corner of Upshur. It is very small compared to Temperance. But it is a great place for a relaxing beer.

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    or just copy paste it – ñ 😉

  • oh wait – i’m assuming you have a PC!!

  • We love El Limeno! My husband and I ate there last night and the food was wonderful. The pupusas (sp?) and fajitas were delicious as were the margaritas. But beware: they are the dangerous kind that are so yummy you don’t realize you are drinking tequilla until, well…lets just say I’m glad I didn’t drive.

  • The Hitching Post is absolutely vomitous.

    The smell when I walked in there was overwhelmingly musty….and the “food” was HORRIBLE.

    The gumbo I ordered looked like something out of a comedy or sci-fi movie.

  • best tamales i’ve had in the greater DC area–but their business was horrible tonight (i was the only person there at 7 pm). PLEASE PATRONIZE THIS RESTAURANT!

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