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  • Muriel Bowser has accrued substantive campaign funds from donors who don’t know—or care about her lack of service to her ANC constituents. It’s only because Adrian Fenty has endorsed her and brokered donations, counting on his being able to bend her in support of his agenda. It’s no different from how he ensured that 3 of his own council staff members held ANC seats in ANC4B, and when he interfered with the special elections to fill vacant seats.

    Everything Adrian touches isn’t gold and Ward4 voters need to do THEIR OWN research on who will best represent all of us, and not let Adrian try to make that decision for us.

  • BTW Prince, how’s the interview schedule doing? I’ve seen yard signs for all sorts of people I’ve never heard of and am counting on you to tell me who the hell these people are. Childs? Milligan? Basically anybody except the Bowsers and Brown, oh and that other guy you interviewed, Mr Whosisname. I like the topics you’ve been touching on with these interviews and am hoping you’ll be giving us more.

  • Ward 4, like all of the wards, needs an independent-minded council person, not someone like Muriel Bowser who is so clearly beholden to Fenty. Does anyone really believe that she is so impressive and qualified that she raised that large amount of money because the donors believe in her candidacy? Please, they are giving because they are trying to curry favor with Fenty and Fenty has made promises to them if they support her. Political patronage and cronyism at its best. Even the Post has bought into this Muriel Bowser foolishness and is treating the other candidates like also-rans. Notice how in the article, even though Michael Brown raised the most money (after Muriel) from individuals, as opposed to self-financing, he is mentioned practically last. It seems the Post doesn’t ever give him any props. Granted, I’m a bit biased toward Brown because I’ve seen him at community events (like at Coolidge) and he was the most impressive of all the candidates, but any average follower of the Ward 4 race has got to see that Muriel Bowser offers nothing to the ward other than being beholden to Fenty.

  • In response to anonymous, I hear that DC contractors are being threatend that if they contribute to anyone other than Muriel Bowser, their contracts will be in jeapardy. That is how she was able to raise so much money. This smells to me of an abuse of power on behalf of our beloved new golden boy Mayor. I hate to think that so early in his term, he would be a participant in such behavior.

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