A novel idea: Garbage cans

I’ve had a revelation on my trash strewn walk to the metro. There are practically no garbage cans on New Hampshire Avenue! This may contribute to all the trash on the ground. I’m no genius but, well, I’m no genius. I digress, at any rate I just read the City had a $300 million dollar surplus. Maybe we can use some of that dough to get some trash cans for New Hamsphire Ave. ANCs hook us up please.

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  • You can bring a horse to water but you can’t make it drink…I’ve discovered that just because garbage cans exist, people will not neccesarily use them. Sometimes, people will even set them on fire, which is what happens regularly to the garbage can along the path leading to the Ft. Totten Metro. The path is always strwen with trash and I feel terrible for the Park Service workers who diligently clean it every morning. I’ve watched people toss trash on the ground in broad daylight with several on-lookers present. When I confronted one young man I was called something that is not quite appropriate for posting here. I did feel slightly vindicated though, as I was walking home from the Metro station the other day. I passed the smoking garbage can -a freshly-set blaze! – normally I only get to see the melted, charred remains- and immediately reached for my cell to report it. I never got to place my call, however, because as I neared the end of the path, I saw the police had already apprehended about 4 young arsonists. I can only hope this makes the Petworth area a little safer for all garbage cans…

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