Petworth or New Jersey?

Why is it sometimes I leave my house and I am damn proud to be from Petworth and sometimes I leave my house shaking my head? This morning as I opened the door and looked on to my front yard I couldn’t tell if I was in Petworth or New Jersey. Trash was everywhere. And at 8:30 in the morning dressed properly for work, it really sucks to pick up other people’s trash. On top of that I see a guy walking down the street fling a huge bag of trash in the empty lot on New Hampshire and Quincy. Now I’m really shaking my head. To top things off as I get to the escalator of the metro there is a guy spitting on the escalator. Twice. Now that is just wrong. WTF? This is unacceptable. I felt like that Native American in the commercial with the tear rolling down his cheek. We cannot let this aggression stand. Right?

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  • OK, I feel you on the trash. I’m in Columbia Heights and see the trash in front of my building swirling around and am like, “Can people pick up after themselves?”. But to compare it to Jersey? Seriously? That’s lame. Ever been there? Because the majority of the state is not filled with trash. Get over it.

  • I knew I would upset folks from Jersey or even folks who have fond memories of Jersey or any memories of Jersey at all. I did that on purpose. Obviously there are beautiful sections of Jersey, obviously. It is the garden state for the love of God. I am from New York originally, and at least when I was growing up we were taught to hate New Jersey.

    The point is that garbage is terribly frustrating and upsetting and that is all.

  • Jersey people, so touchy about their state.

    But on the trash, it is a serious problem. But is so baffling. To see a little kid walking down the street just drop his soda cup and walk on like he didn’t do anything. The other day, I scolded a teenage girl and made her pick up a soda can she was going to leave on a Metro car. “It’s not mine,” she said. “I saw you put it there, pick it up,” I said, and she did. Though I’m sure it was just a short-lived victory, it was a little satisfying to watch her friends ridcule her over it. It’s just maddening, and I don’t know what we can do about it.

  • I think that was very brave of you to ask the girl to pick up her soda can. No matter how angry or sad I get when I see people litter I can’t bring myself to ask them to pick it up. And I am not a shy person. I think there is something to getting more trash cans on the street but I’d also love to see a strong public education campaign.

  • The apartment building on New Hampshire just north of the Metro between Georgia and Quincy is always incredibly littered. I’ve actually wondered if the residents of the building even have trash service. Can’t the owners of the building be fined for letting it sit in refuse like that?

  • Just for the record: I still feel that Petworth is a wonderful community. It may have some problems but the good still outweighs the bad. I’m sorry to hear Golden Silence is moving. I believe the bones of the nieghborhood are very strong and will only get stronger with the promising development coming. If you ever feel blue I suggest you go to Temperance Hall, Domku or the Jamaican Jerk chicken place and you will feel better. I have still have my Petworth Pride!

  • Can anyone advise about whether it’s permitted to dispose crumbly plaster dust and pieces of old sheetrock in the Supercan? The DC gov website says it’s ok to fill the Supercan up to 250 lbs, so should I be free and clear if I dispose of it gradually, 250 lbs every Tuesday and 250 lbs every Friday? Or, is there such a thing as a small, personal-sized dumpster that could sit in my garden? Has anyone been to the Fort Totten waste disposal site? For full disclosure, I also posted this query on the CH forum site.

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