Breaking news: I saw two police officers walking the beat!

This is phenomenal news, great news, unbelievable news, ok it’s not that great but it is pretty cool. On perhaps the coldest night of this winter I chatted with two police officers who were walking down Upshur Street, past Domku. My jaw dropped, I stuttered a bit partially from the cold, partially from shock. I asked them “hey are you guys part of the new foot patrols?”. A resounding Yes was the answer. So credit to Chief select Lanier. She is a woman of her word. I really do think this is great news for the residents of Petworth and DC in general. Bravo, and keep up the good work. I win the bet though. I believe I was the first one to spot a foot patrol. Let’s hope it becomes a regular thing.

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  • Two things, the effectiveness of the increased foot patrols is yet to be seen. But it’s a start. The real question gets at your last statement, how long will this last? Hopefully, it becomes the norm and not a surprise worthy of a PoP blog entry.

  • I applaud the foot patrols. I think DC has gotten better and better, and the MPD are a big part of that. If they are on foot in Petworth, then that’s good news for Petworth.

  • Now residents just have to do their part. Report crimes. Police can’t be everywhere, they’re trying to be more places, but as citizens outnumber the police, we are the additional eyes and ears, and need to be part of the solution. Increase patrols are always good, but you need increased citizen participation.

  • I could not agree more. This a lot of what Jane Jacobs talks about in her book Death and Life of American Cities. It is the citizens who really contribute to the overall safety. They are the eyes and ears. They are the one who look out for one another. Patrols alone are not the solution. It is a good step. But we have a responsibility as well. That is why I love the porches.

  • i saw two officers walking on new hampshire and spring on on wed night around 7p. i was shocked!

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