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It seems as though everybody mixes music reviews into their community blogs so what the hell, I’ll do the same. I may be a little behind the curve but I just got the old Nouvelle Vague CD and it is phenomenal, ditto Neko Case. Has anyone listened to the new Nouvelle Vague CD?

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  • No, but I did get the new Who record, Endless Wire, on iTunes. I’m not about to start questioning The Who (just Townshend and Daltrey now) at this point, just click-and-buy. I’m not sure the whole album hangs together but it delivers 5+ bona fide Who songs that certainly make it worth it.

    Also local boys Thievery Corporation (et al) have been in heavy rotation with the latest compilation ‘ESL Remixed: The 100th Release Of ESL Music’.

    Plus rediscovering a lot of old Bob Dylan since my wife bought me ‘Modern Times’. And the Lost in Translation soundtrack is nice and atmospheric, like the movie.


  • Yes, the new Nouvelle Vague CD “Bande a Part” is fantastic and just as much fun as their first album. Also, if you’re into atmospheric sounds I highly highly highly recommend the album “Dreams” by The Whitest Boy Alive. I’m sure they’ve got it on iTunes.

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